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Entry #2

Looking for co-creator for ABT 2.

2008-12-12 23:27:08 by Jucom

I just finished uploading ABT (Advanced Buttons Tutorial) and I am now thinking about making another one (much more complicated, covering loads of button types) and I need someone who is good at both art, and actionscript and knows loads about buttons/mclips.

If your interested you can contact me in whatever way you see fit :]


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2008-12-27 11:00:19

Like what? Dancing Buttons? Sounds cool.

Jucom responds:

lol. perhaps.


2009-07-06 04:46:48

How about, instead of making silly button tutorials, that you actually go and learn some real actionscript? Move on to AS3 if you haven't already. And actually make a game or something.